Football games at DW / JJB Stadium

A bunch of football games

Each and every year, visitors to the JJB Stadium will be able to enjoy a wealth of different events. Of course, the highlight of events at the JJB Stadium will be the Wigan Athletic matches which occur every couple of weeks during football stadium. Dependent on the league, this could mean that Wigan is playing up to twenty games at the stadium each year.

Wide range of rugby matches

In addition to this, there are several Wigan Warriors matches throughout the year, which means both football and rugby fans are well-catered for at the JJB Stadium throughout the year.

Whenever there is an international Rugby tournament being held in England, the JJB Stadium has always been one of the main stadiums for these matches, with some pretty big international teams gracing the field of the JJB. This is something which only occurs every few years, however.

A blend of music and comedy actions

Throughout the year, there are several other events being held at the JJB Stadium, with a healthy blend of music and comedy. However, it is worth noting that the vast majority of these events are not actually held on the pitch of the stadium. This is because they would end up ruining it, which would cause issues for the teams that play at the stadium. Instead, the events are held in a special part of the stadium.

Several charity events are planned

In the coming months, there are several charity events planned to occur at the JJB Stadium. This includes the ‘State of Mind’ charity event which is set to include several comedians from the area, a few of which have national renown. This includes Martin Gold. However, the event is also set to feature music from talented musicians, again many of them are well-known outside of the area. In the same month, Stephen Bayliss will appear at the JJB Stadium. He often returns to belt out his hits and the event is always a sell-out.

Later on, in the year is the Wigan Zone Charity Youth Night. This is a night dedicated to earning a month to fund youth programs throughout Wigan. Despite the name, it is an event aimed at adults, with plenty of music and charity events occurring throughout the evening.

For the rest of the year, there are several top-quality music events scheduled at the stadium. These are dedicated to specific decades of music and in some cases specific bands. These are always huge sell-outs. Again, they are not going to be taking place on the actual pitch at the JJB Stadium, but the people who attend these events are always going to have access to the wealth of facilities that the stadium provides.

Upcoming events at DW / JJB Stadium Upcoming events at DW / JJB Stadium Upcoming events at DW / JJB Stadium


Remember; the events are going to change throughout the year. Because the stadium is in use almost weekly due to the number of teams playing there, it means that the stadium does not always have the same number of events that other football stadiums have, but there is more than enough happening here to keep the citizens of Wigan fully entertained there.