Running a stadium in the United Kingdom isn’t going to be cheap. Most stadiums are being used every couple of weeks, which means that a lot of work needs to be put into it to ensure that it is in prime condition.

General Maintenance

Many stadiums in the UK have been around for a good few decades now. This means that they need regular work to ensure that they are in prime condition. This means dealing with paintwork, structural issues etc.

Football pitches also need to be maintained. In fact, you will be surprised at how much money teams pour into ensuring that their pitches are pristine. Pitches that are a little bit worse for wear can completely hamper the performance of a team.

This is on top of the general maintenance which needs to be carried out, e.g. cleaning, servicing of lights, maybe cooking equipment if the stadium also sells food.

Steward are getting paid too

Staffing costs

Staff need to be paid, and there are a few of them. Putting aside the players for a second, as well as anybody directly associated with the team, the following people will need to have their wages paid:

  • Cleaners
  • Food staff
  • Stewards
  • Police (the police are paid by the football club to attend the game)
  • Ambulance staff

There may be additional staff that the club also needs to hire.

General management of the stadiums

The stadium will also likely have a team of people overlooking the stadium to ensure that it is working correctly. This may mean that they work on ‘booking’ events outside of football or whatever sport is being showcased. This is important because it will help to give the club some extra income.